Our target audience

Companies (multinational, big, medium and small companies)

Our courses offer the possibility of learning the appropriate behaviour and attitudes for every moment of “promotion” in every setting: receptions, important negotiations, press conferences in Italy and abroad with Italian and foreign interlocutors. These courses aim at improving the image of your company staff and strengthening the corporate image.

Training Courses Companies; Further Education; Universities; Public/Private Schools

Our courses have been conceived for teaching all the rules that Etiquette, Protocol and Ceremonial impose in social and work situations. These rules are useful for the professional who wants to improve his own business and image and for anyone who wants to do his job to the best of his ability in public and private environments.

Personal Assistants

Our courses on Business Etiquette are an important tool for improving the professionalism and role competence of the personal assistant, who has always been the fulcrum of the balance within the company team. The course will help this professional figure perfect her behaviour, refine her verbal and written communication, improve her ability to choose the appropriate attitudes to adopt in various necessities. It also helps improve her organising ability for meetings, press conferences and business trips.

Hotel Chains and Independent Hotels

Hotel chains and independent hotels, whether large or small, have the need for staff prepared on every front that means offering a better service and having a satisfied customer. With a tool like our courses on Business Etiquette, the hotels have the possibility of training its own staff.
Once they know the rules of Ceremonial and Etiquette, it will be easy to cope smoothly with every type of guest, interact with VIPs, and transmit a sense of professionalism together with the corporate image.

Big Department Stores; Personal Shoppers; Table & Cuisine

Our customised courses will be the final touch that gives added value to your product and your services. An informed and well-serviced customer is a more powerful buyer.

Women/Men in Social Life

With our Social Etiquette Courses, you will improve your knowledge on how to welcome your guests, how to arrange your guests round a table in formal and informal situations, learn how to invite and what forms to use, how to give the right gifts at the right time to the right people. These are little examples of how details are important for increasing your reputation and popularity, knowing what to do in each context and this way becoming the “lady/gentleman” in matters of behaviour.

Managers (low, middle and upper management)

With our courses on Business Etiquette, coping capably in your work environment will be easy and effortless; for this reason the manager-oriented course will help you move well in the business world, in relationships with company customers, at business lunches , during negotiations, with foreign customers, all focussed on improving your company image and your business.

Public Sector; Public Bodies

With our Business Etiquette courses, the Public Sector has the possibility of training its staff to be able to cope efficiently in direct contact with the public, corporate organisations and economic bodies. Our courses offer the tools for coping with formal, official and social occasions, socialising with all kinds of persons and organising events in the best way.

Wedding Planners; Incentive Companies; Meeting Planners

With our courses on Social and Business Etiquette, Wedding Planners, Incentive Houses, Meeting Planners and Convention Organisers will have the possibility of training their team in many aspects that will increase their professionalism in the eyes of both their customers and their providers. Knowing the precise rules of Ceremonial, Protocol and Etiquette will be a strong point for the organisation of company meetings.

Charme Hotels and De-Luxe B&B

Our courses on Business Etiquette will help your staff knowing how to welcome guests, to improve your own structure and surprise clientele by offering the best service. Perfecting your image and your business are not just details but the solution.

Professionals and Self-Employed people

With our courses on Business Etiquette, you will learn how to cope smoothly in every occasion and in every environment. Mastery of oneself, contributes significantly to your professional career!

Fashion and Luxury World

Business Etiquette is the solution if you have to deal with VIP’s, demanding and discerning clientele, attend refined and high-level events. Without gaffe, your image will improve!