Social Etiquette Mini Course

Online course, divided into 5 modules of 3 hours each

The invitations:

  • Written invitations
  • Digital invitations
  • Telephone invitations
  • The correct interpretation of the invitation
  • How to answer an invitation
  • The titles in Italy
  • Practical exercises

Gifts and thank you notes:

  • The art of giving
  • What to give and how to thank
  • International rules for sending gifts
  • The thank you notes
      • The gifts when travelling abroad
  • Case histories

The table:

  • The international rules
  • A complete guide for a perfect table setting
  • Buffet and brunch
  • Tea time
  • Coffee time
  • Tests
  • Practical data sheet
  • Analysis of our exclusive photo gallery
  • Case histories

The behaviour at the table:

  • The beginning of the meal
  • The place setting (napkin, tableware, cutlery, glassware, bread plate, etc.)
  • The posture at the table
  • The conversation
  • The proper attitude towards food
  • The toast
  • Coffee Time
  • The signals of the end of a lunch/dinner
  • The moment to leave
  • The smokers
      • All the mistakes that should be avoided

The service at the table:

  • How to distinguish the different types of service and how to adopt the right behaviour at the table
  • The rules of service at the table: everything has its place and its reason
  • Some ideas to structure a menu
  • Tests
  • Analysis of practical cases

Social attire:

  • The different kinds of invitations and the type of the event: a short summary
  • The men’s attire
  • The women’s attire
  • The big and important events
  • The wedding
  • The funeral
  • Gestures and correct postures
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Case histories

Each module can be bought separately

Our courses are held in a very practical way, using the theory by:

  • Audiovisual support with practical examples through slides
  • Photographic documentation for practical exercises in the classroom
  • Illustrations & drawings for learning
  • Data sheets
  • Group interaction
  • Explanations with practical material (typically sheets and photographs)
  • Videos
  • Ideas for table settings and decorations
  • Summary of national and international press articles
  • Examples of national laws and international regulations
  • Case histories
  • Digital Notes