Social Etiquette II

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Our advanced course in Social Etiquette provides all the topics of Social Etiquette, but with enough time available to practice with tests, exercises, analysis of data sheets, analysis of videos, case histories, etc. Our own exclusive photo bank provides a very comprehensive lesson, covering all aspects of the table. Among the complementary topics:

· Invitations to major events and formal ceremonies and weddings
· Etiquette when we are invited by friends
· The etiquette when traveling in a group
· The etiquette during the family reunion
· The etiquette during the holidays
· The etiquette in public transport
· Pet etiquette and etiquette with mobile devices

This course is very useful and comprehensive for anyone who wants to feel comfortable in any kind of social event.

Our courses are held in a very practical way, using the theory by:

  • Audiovisual support with practical examples through slides
  • Photographic documentation for practical exercises in the classroom
  • Illustrations & drawings for learning
  • Data sheets
  • Group interaction
  • Explanations with practical material (typically sheets and photographs)
  • Videos
  • Ideas for table settings and decorations
  • Summary of national and international press articles
  • Examples of national laws and international regulations
  • Case histories
  • Digital Notes