Social Etiquette I

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Our first level of Social Etiquette provides the essential knowledge of the rules of social etiquette in private and public life, not only in Italy but also internationally. This course seeks to help women and men to be able to move in any context, and aims to make them feel at ease in any circumstance.

· Characteristics of a lady and a gentleman
· The elegant manners (gestures, postures, gaffe to avoid)
· Personal image
· How to invite and how to interpret the invitations we receive
· The pleasure of hosting
· The art of the table
· Service at the table
· The table manners
· How to arrange the guests at the table
· The presentations and greetings
· The organization prior to an invitation at home
· International rules for gifts
· Thank you notes
· Attire in social life

This is a compact course, ideal for those who want to learn the basic rules of Social Etiquette.

Our courses are held in a very practical way, using the theory by:

  • Audiovisual support with practical examples through slides
  • Photographic documentation for practical exercises in the classroom
  • Illustrations & drawings for learning
  • Data sheets
  • Group interaction
  • Explanations with practical material (typically sheets and photographs)
  • Videos
  • Ideas for table settings and decorations
  • Summary of national and international press articles
  • Examples of national laws and international regulations
  • Case histories
  • Digital Notes