Business Etiquette II

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The second level of BE with two full days of work, provides a very balanced mix of topics including the social and business etiquette.
All the topics studied are applicable not only in Italy but also internationally. It is a thorough study of the national and international rules of BE. Our level BE II is perfect for companies that need a comprehensive preparation for their staff. It is recommended for public bodies, managers, professionals, personal assistants and future professionals in each field.

· Social invitations
· Formal invitations
· Personal branding
· Dress code in the office
· Corporate handbook
· Clothing in social life
· Presentations and greetings
· Table (in-depth study at national and international rules)
· Comparative analysis of the etiquette rules (national and foreign)
· Organising events of any kind
· The concept of precedence and priorities for big events
· The rules of conduct in the company
· The relationship with superiors
· The etiquette during negotiations
· The corporate travel
· Corporate communication etiquette rules
· Virtual meetings
· Organising dinners
· The company party

This course is recommended to those who want a complete course of Business Etiquette, including important elements of Social Etiquette.

Our courses are held in a very practical way, using the theory by:

  • Audiovisual support with practical examples through slides
  • Photographic documentation for practical exercises in the classroom
  • Illustrations & drawings for learning
  • Data sheets
  • Group interaction
  • Explanations with practical material (typically sheets and photographs)
  • Videos
  • Ideas for table settings and decorations
  • Summary of national and international press articles
  • Examples of national laws and international regulations
  • Case histories
  • Digital Notes