Contrary to what one might think, the Rules of Ceremonial are present in our everyday life much more than one might imagine. Common sense considers these rules something to be implemented in high spheres, forgetting their public and private aspects which are necessary as aids for the simple standards of respect, society and courtesy in relationships with others. These rules will help anyone who wants to apply them in interpersonal relationships, they will be useful rules of “civil” behaviour for coping with ease and smoothness on every occasion, in every work place and situation, whether they be entrepreneurial contexts of a certain level or just everyday social situations.

Private and Corporate

Courses and Programmes

All our courses can be customised to suit the client. For this reason, we are available to organise specifically courses according to your needs. Feel free to contact us if you need further information about our customised courses and programmes.

1 day

Business Etiquette I

8 hours

This course is suitable for those who want a first approach to Business Etiquette.

Our first level of BE is a compact and short version. This type of course includes a series of basic topics that are fundamental to help you understand the rules and importance of business etiquette in the business world. This course is especially useful to approach the international concept of business etiquette. It is a course for those who want to get closer to the rules of etiquette in the business world and want to do so in a soft way or gradually.

2 days

Business Etiquette II

16 hours

This course is recommended to those who want a complete course of Business Etiquette, including important elements of Social Etiquette.

The second level of BE provides a very balanced mix of topics including the social and business etiquette. All the topics studied are applicable not only in Italy but also internationally. It is perfect for companies that need a comprehensive preparation for their staff. It is recommended for public bodies, managers, professionals, personal assistants and future professionals in each field.

3 days

Business Etiquette Plus

24 hours

This is a very comprehensive course for companies and professionals. We also offer the possibility of doing it in two different phases.

Our third level of BE includes all the important topics of the Social Etiquette (applicable in the business world) and a complete programme of etiquette in the workplace and abroad. Its PLUS is the deepening of the Cross-Cultural Management and Cross-Cultural Business Etiquette. The Cross Cultural Business Etiquette can be only followed by those who have a good base of Business Etiquette.

1 day

Social Etiquette I

8 hours

This is a compact course, ideal for those who want to learn the basic rules of Social Etiquette.

Our first level of Social Etiquette provides the essential knowledge of the rules of social etiquette in private and public life, not only in Italy but also internationally. This course seeks to help women and men to be able to move in any context, and aims to make them feel at ease in any circumstance.

2 days

Social Etiquette II

16 hours

This course is very useful and comprehensive for anyone who wants to feel comfortable in any kind of social event.

Our advanced course in Social Etiquette provides all the topics of Social Etiquette, but with enough time available to practice with tests, exercises, analysis of data sheets, analysis of videos, case histories, etc. Our own exclusive photo bank provides a very comprehensive lesson, covering all aspects of the table.


Mini Courses

Via Skype

3 hours

Social Etiquette

Online course, divided into 4 modules of 3 hours each.
Each module can be bought separately.

• Invitations, thanks and gifts (social/business)
• The table (social)
• The behaviour and the service at the table (social/business)
• The Dressing (social)

3 hours

Business & Travel

Online course, divided into 5 modules of 3 hours each.
Each module can be bought separately.

• Presentations, greetings and priorities (business&travel)
• Corporate etiquette (business&travel)
• Cross Culture (business&travel)
• Insights to Cross Culture

For further information about tailor-made programmes and costs, please contact us